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A talented Event Planner is a gift you give yourself ...
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Meet our team of Power House Planners!
Licensed Wedding Officiant

With over 25 years of party planning
experience, she's a true visionary, artistic
and dedicated figure, both as an Event
Planner and Wedding Officiant to her clients
and as an inspiring leader to her team .
Her ultimate goal is to deliver a well
designed, flawlessly executed event, that
reflects your taste and corporate identity
while maintaining a budget.

She strives on minimizing the stress and
maximizing the fun for you.
She's a Professional Photographer
and DIY Craftsman with over 20 years
experience. She does what it takes to
make the best even better.

Ari possess an exceptional ability to
understand a client’s vision. With her
acute sense of attention, detail, and
creativity, she produces results.

She strives to bring her clients dreams
to reality .
her inspired floral designs, DIY skills and
talents to make it happen.

With over 25 years experience of hands
on, DIY creations, Maggie knows that it
takes a Power House team to master the