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Rentals are in 4 hour increments

What is your Child's name(s)?

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What date are you requesting?

What time are you requesting?

Toddler Moonwalk ?

Do you need a Sun Shade?

Larger size Moonwalk?

Which Water Games?
Moonwalks , Water Games
Sun Shades
*** Please Note ***
If you need more than one item from within the same
category, please call us to place your reservation.
How Many?
Tables & Chairs
Our White Toddler Picnic Tables seat 6 Children,
ages 1 - 12 years old and height/weight proportionate.

Our Toddler Chairs can hold a child up to 50 pounds.

Our Toddler Rocker/Picnic Tables can be used
as tables to eat on, then flipped over so the babies
can play on!
Ball & Noodle Pits
Our Toddler Pits come with Balls and/or Noodles.
Ball Pit balls and Noodles come in assorted
colors only.
How many ...
Toddler Tables w/ 6 Chairs?

How many ...
White Toddler Picnic Tables?

How many ...
Rocker/Picnic Tables?

Which Ball Pit?
If more than one, list in space provided

Which Noodle Pit?
If more than one, list in space provided

Do you need a Pinata Stand?

Which Stand would you like to order?
For a Boy, a Girl or Both

Which Concessions would you like?

Choose up to 2 colors of candy

What types of games would you like to
have for your family and friends to

Water Wars?

Need additional water balloons?
How many would you like?


What time would you like our Artist to
arrive and leave?

Costume Characters?
Need a Costume Attendant?

Delivery Fee

Travel Fee
(Applies to Entertainers/Artist Travel

Please add Tax:
Total x .0825 (8.25%)

Do you need a Water Hose?
If so, how many?

Do you need an Extension Cord?
If so, how many?
Pinata Stands
Our pinata stands are made the old fashioned way.
Life-size and extremely strong so that every child and
adult gets the opportunity to give it a swing!
(Hot Dog Cart, Cotton Candy, Snow Cone, Popcorn,
Candy Apple and Nacho Machine (s)
Candy Buffet Tables
Each candy buffet price includes setup/cleanup, decorations,
candy bags, candy scoopers and candy jars. All jars are
decorated to match the color and theme of your event. We
retrieve the jars and decorations once your event is over.


Water Wars
Need more than 2,000 water balloons
for your event or party?

(Face Painters, Caricature Artists, Airbrush Tattoo,
Sand Art, Arts & Crafts and Costume Attendants)

Costume Character Rentals
Costume Attendants available
($25.00 Travel Fee applies)
Delivery/Travel Fee
We Deliver, Set Up & Pick Up
(Fee varies by area/city)
Delivery/Travel Fees are Non-Refundable.
If for whatever reason, you refuse to accept your rental(s)/services on
the day agreed upon and our driver has already arrived at your
designated location and you did not cancel your rental/service
agreement within 24 hours prior to your event date, your
delivery/service fee will  not be refunded and will be held from any
deposit pending reimburse al.   No Exceptions.

Additional Travel Fee $25.00
(Applies to Entertainers/Artist Travel only)
Water Hose(s) / Ext. Cord(s)
$10 each
Extension Cords MUST be for OUTDOOR use

( These items are NOT provided with ANY rental )

If you're planning a special event, and require ...

or are seeking to acquire several rental items,

please call our office, so that we may assist you.

Thank You and Have a Blessed Day!
Credit Card Payments
A $50.00 deposit IS required on ALL Reservations
**** No Exceptions ****
Pay the remaining balance in CASH the day of your party!
*** If you're paying your remaining balance by CREDIT CARD,
your payment MUST be received 3 days (72 hours) prior to your event ***
**** No Exceptions ****
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be available for your special day.

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